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Three-family house in Zeuthen

The combination of an ETICS made of wood fiber insulation with ThermoShield brought about a comfortable climate and efficiency


The infrared reflection (IR) within the membrane causes a reduction in the radiation to the cold sky and a reduction in the moisture potential due to a dewpoint shift. The combination of the ThermoShield membrane with the storage and sorption-capable substrate has an over-optimal effect.

The expert of the Haus-Klinik® confirms: "This is currently the ecological ETICS: energy-saving, sustainable, economical, efficient." By the way: the three-family house was a multi-generational house.

It began with a house inspection in mid-February 2010. Within the framework of the house purchase consultation by the expert of Haus-Klinik®, the house (built in 1936) was taken from the cellar to the roof under the magnifying glass. "This has great potential," the building expert in the Haus-Klinik® reaffirmed the building owner in his vision to create a three-family house from the Althaus according to modern standards.

In March, the new owner and builder commissioned DIMaGB construction planning with the planning services to obtain the building permit. The DIMaGB building philosophy as well as the building physics and construction concepts, which build on this and the experiences of a quarter-century in the construction were decisive for him.

The building owner followed the recommendation to upgrade the building envelope as part of the energetic modernization process using wood fiber insulation and a coating with thermoceramic membrane technology. The facade was adapted to the new floor plans and fitted with a fiberglass insulation panel with a final coating with ThermoShield Exterieur.

From the color fan with approx. 4,000 shades, the architect chose a slightly tinted pastel tone, which harmonise perfectly with the dark window profiles and the engobed roof tiles.

Wood fiber insulation materials have decisive advantages over mineral wool and polystyrene: storage and insulation capacity, from renewable raw materials, low-energy production, no special waste on the facade, due to capillary conductivity fully sorption-capable.

Combining this wood-fiber ETICS with the thermocamamic membrane technology ThermoShield, a maximum of efficiency and profitability is achieved. The facade is effective and long protected against impact, UV radiation, summer heat andFreeze thaw resistance. Prevention against vegetation with algae and other microorganisms occurs here without fungicides and algicides.