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Renovation with Nature

A facade renovation with ThermoShield Nature.


This practice report is from Holland, but also in Sweden, which is well-known for its wooden houses, ThermoShield Nature has been used for years successfully and usefully. The main focus here is long-term protection for the wooden facades, as well as energy savings. As far as long-term protection is concerned, nature has a lot ahead for stains, varnishes and glazes, as practical comparisons prove.

The processing of ThermoShield Nature e.g. in a wooden house is no different than in facade colors. The substrate must be dry, clean, viable, free of grease, oil and wax. Sustainable means: no loose colors or flakes. In addition, the substrate must be able to breathe, that is to say breathable, so that the wall can "breath away" the water vapor. The picture report from Akersloot (NL) from 2015 shows how a wooden house painted with wood stain gets a renovation coat after three years.