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Pharmacy in Witten

Economical and energy efficient. The use of ThermoShield during the modernization made the money available for a new apartment.


The renovated building of the central pharmacy in Witten has become a jewel. The facade coating applied by the painter company Fox & Fox with the thermoceramic membrane technology ThermoShield Exterieur protects against summer heat and heat losses in the winter. The ThermoShield Exterieur was also used for medicinal herbs painted by Dortmund artist Denis Klatt. The color is very resistant and dirt repellent.

Michael Hillebrecht, the creative head of the Wellmess project group, Witten, is strongly oriented on the criteria of economy and energy efficiency. For this reason, he opted for the combination of energy saving paint, combined heat and power plant and photovoltaic for generating electricity on the roof. During the partial reconstruction, a residential unit was built in the basement.

The pictures show the facade in the first year after completion. The energy certificate issued by the Berlin DIMaGB energy consultancy for the energetically renovated building makes clear what energy efficiency also means in the modernized old building: "everything is getting the green light".

Efficiency in this project means: high benefit at a reasonable cost and manageable amortization time. The expenses saved by the use of ThermoShield for the investment in the facade flowed into the creation of an apartment. Income is attributable to the owner from rental and electricity compensation.