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Nature vs Colors

The practice demonstrates the advantages of ThermoShield Nature.


ThermoShield Nature is the color for wood components. To be exact: for non-dimensionally accurate components made of wood. This means that ThermoShield is not suitable for windows and doors, because the thermoceramic membrane does not tolerate the mechanical stresses in the fold, and it is also not used on treads.

ThermoShield Nature demonstrate its strengths among all other components: protection against UV radiation, sunlight reflections, driving rain resistance, reduced swelling and shrinkage, dehumidification, diffusion, crack bridging, permanent elasticity. The parade example is the prototype of the black ThermoShield house in Holland: after fifteen years no cracks, no bubbles. Several already followed this example in black.

You do not have run down other products for wood, the comparison in practice provides a good basis for the decision for or against a product. Sometimes a few pictures say more than a lot of words. ThermoShield Nature is available in thousands of shades. They apply it: for wooden houses, half-timbered houses, roof boxes, fences.