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Apartment buildings in Botkyrka

A striking application for the calculation values of ThermoShield. 12% energy saving through facade restoration with ThermoShield Exterieur

The blocks Botkyrka were two large houses with the address Branta Backen 7-15 and 17-29 in Tumba, municipality Botkyrka near Stockholm in Sweden. Botkyrka is a municipality in the Swedish province of Stockholms län and the historical province of Södermanland. The main town of the municipality is Tumba.

In 2009 the preparations for the facade renovation were completed. These included inspections, consultations and a precalculation of the expected energy savings potential. Using the calculation values ThermoShield, the Berlin engineering office DIMaGB determined a ΔUäqu of 19%, which leads to a savings potential ΔQ = 12% taking into account the building geometry.

As a result of an economic assessment, the housing company opted for the facade renovation with a ThermoShield Exterieur coating. In February 2014 ÅF-Infrastructure AB, an international Swedish engineering and consulting company, carried out an evaluation of the monitoring. "For Branta Backen 7-15, the decline in [energy consumption] was 11.0% and for Branta Backen 17-29 13.2% in the same period."