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Apartment building in Den Haag

With ThermoShield Exterieur: after 9 years on the facade crack-free

At that time, no official test was planned, but the practice often delivers convincing results. The pictures show a residential complex in the Dedemsvaartweg in The Hague, Netherlands. The facades were removed in the spring of 2006 and on 25.02.2015, Mr. Henk van Leeuwen from the company Coateq visited the object for interest.

At that time, two different products were painted with: with the facade paint ThermoShield Exterieur of the SICC GmbH, Berlin, and the facade color of a German market leader. After 9 years, the surfaces were scrutinized.

SICC GmbH claims as a manufacturer: "The high resistance to environmental pollution such as smog, acids, salts and ozone as well as against UV radiation ensures the high elasticity of ThermoShield Exterieur and prevents crack formation by embrittlement or aging over a long period of time. Stress cracks is greatly reduced because of the thermal protection the ThermoShield Exterieur gives due to its high proportion of ceramic hollow spheres, embedded in a special binder, which significantly reduces the different expansion movements of the building materials."

The pictures agree with this, the practical test on the facade in the outdoor exposure was also here: the coating is after 9 years free of cracks.