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Dwelling in Portugal

The interior coating with ThermoShield Interieur quickly increased the surface temperatures of the walls and ceilings, as well as leading to a reduction in room air and wall moisture.


Mr. Drauth corresponded with a Berlin building engineer for the evaluation of the measuring results. It was about the question of the fitness of the U-value theory: "I can only agree with you in what you write regarding the U-value. Question: Why do you feel more comfortable with ThermoShield with less room temperature and nevertheless the temperature profile in the wall construction should be worse than without? When the half of the ceiling was painted, I noticed the effect, it was definitely no longer a cold radiator. According to my measurements, one can already see that at least the transition resistance must be wrong inside, since I had surface temperatures equal to room temperature or even higher! This cannot be comprehended with the normal calculation method, and if I had not measured myself, I would suspect a measurement error."

In April 2008, Mr. Jean-Paul Drauth delivered measuring results from his house, about 60 km south of Porto. On the 26th of March 2008, he stroked the ceiling and on 30.03.2008 the walls were coated with ThermoShield Interieur. The wall construction is as follows: reinforced concrete stand construction with fired hollow clay bricks. Construction from the inside to the outside: plaster 1 cm / hollow clay brick fired with large chambers, 30 cm / outdoor plaster 1 cm / adhesive 1 cm / clay-straps 2 cm.

Mr. Drauth describes the measurement method as follows: "I have searched for the mean value (not the highest / not the lowest) in the various points in order to obtain a meaningful measurement, which was then corrected again in the various measurements, whereby the specific measurments changed relatively heavily when derivating from the specific measuring point; This has become highly leveled! At the moment, you can deviate more than half a meter from the measuring point, without changing a tenth of a degree in the display!"

The measuring range again shows: ThermoShield lifts the surface temperatures, at the same time a homogenization takes place - the sensation temperature increases. In addition, the room air humidity is adjusted and the wall is dehumidified.

"I am a trained heating engineer, and have no problems in calculating a U-value, but the inertia of the mass is nowhere taken into account, so that in the local climate and the local construction it may often occur, e.g. At 17 ° C or higher outside temperature and very high humidity; The inhabitants are freezing because the external temperature control switches off the heating circuit. "In Portugal, one thinks of the beach, the sun and plenty of heat - but there are also cold winters in Portugal and Spain, depending on the region.

"I have a three-sided glazed veranda (winter garden) with ThermoShield on the ceiling since the 13th of March 2008, constantly have at least 3 degrees more than outside, no matter how the weather is, the sliding door is open almost always because of the pets and a well-being like never; In contrast, the fireplace smokes at all neighbors!"