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Dwelling in Berlin after 6 years

Test surfaces on an insulated facade with a "premium facade color" and ThermoShield Exterieur reveal great differences in quality

On 08.12.2009 a Berlin building expert inspected facades in the L.str. 56 in Berlin and the left neighbor building. This involved facade colors in-practice comparison (outdoor exposure of the test surfaces after 6 years on the ETICS facade).

On the neighbouring building, a test painting with the best facade color of a market leader was executed at the adjacent gable. After 6 years, there is an obvious problem: clearly marked cracks in the coating. The visibility of the cracks is possible without tools.

The facade color of a market leader to be seen here is a "particularly dirt-tolerant silicone resin facade paint with outstanding binder-filler combination" with the properties "soiled-minimized, capil-larhydrophob, mineral matt, highly water-repellent". The theory and practice seem to differ somewhat here: with this crack pattern, the color is rather not water-repellent. This shows that the assignment to impact resistance of an ETICS according to DIN 4108-3, Table 3, line 6, to stress groups I to III is a theoretical, albeit standardized assumption.

The comparative area on the gable of the house No. 56 was also coated with ThermoShield Exterieur by Karl from Berlin, also 6 years ago. The investigation of the ThermoShield test area resulted in a harmless state even under the facade magnifying glass at different zoom levels. This facade coating significantly exceeds the competitor's results after 6 years.