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Day care centre in Pankow

Facade coating in 2004: ThermoShield provides a beautiful building and a healthy climate in St. Maria Magdalena's day care centre


After the consent of the responsible monument authority - the daycare is located in the access road to Schönhausen Palace - construction work began at the beginning of the daycare holidays in early July. Just in time for the great summer festival on the 29th of August, everything will be ready. On this day, children, parents, educators, community members and residents together with the employees of SICC GmbH and the company Hoffmann Gerüstbau will celebrate their birthday and complete renovation. Interested visitors are cordially invited. "This project has given us a lot of pleasure and we will continue to be committed in this direction,"says SICC Managing Director Waldemar Walczok. "After all, our children are the most important thing we have."

Berlin, August 9, 2004. While the politics are still discussing better support for childcare, Berlin's children's day care centers are increasingly supported by economy. The day care center of the Catholic church community of St. Maria Magdalena in Pankow is pleased at its 10th birthday with a renovated building. Thanks to the support of two Berlin companies, the former grey house in the Boris-Pasternak-Weg 16-20, near Schönhausen Palace, radiates a beautiful terracotta tone for the great birthday summer festival on 29 August.

The main sponsor is the Berlin SICC GmbH, one of the world's two companies which produces the innovative surface coating ThermoShield and sells exclusively in Germany, Europe and the Middle East. SICC GmbH provided about 1000 liters of its product ThermoShield Exterieur free of charge and financed the painting work. The company Hoffmann Gerüstbau provided the necessary scaffolding free of charge for the duration of the reconstruction work.

Thanks to ThermoShield, the approximately 70 children of the Kita St. Mary Magdalena can be looked after in a beautiful and healthy environment. With ThermoShield it is not only possible to reduce the annual heating costs by up to 30 percent, the building is also protected against mold, algae, cracks and environmental pollution. Due to an optimal humidity of about 55 percent and an even heat distribution in a ThermoShield coated building, there is a permanently healthy and comfortable feel-good climate, especially for children with allergies and asthma. And in the hot summer months, the rooms no longer heat up so unpleasantly.

"Our parents are very pleased that the kindergarten looks so beautiful now and that the SICC GmbH does so much for our children, "explains the parents' chairperson Wolf Dornblut. Ursula Erler from the construction department of the Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat, is also enthusiastic: "When the church of St. Maria Magdalena took over the tenants ten years ago, the interior of the rooms were renovated, but there was simply no money for an external renovation. That is why we were very happy about the offer of SICC GmbH to renovate the day care center free of charge."