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Church in Blokzijl

Problem solution of salt-loaden walls by dehumidification with ThermoShield Interieur.


The town Blokzijl (NL-8356 approx. 1.400 inhabitants) is part of the municipality Steenwijkerland in the Netherlands, province Overijssel. The baptismal church has the construction year 1850. The powerful walls out of brickwork, exterior clinker, plastered inside, have a humidity problem.

The walls are damp and salty. A renovation took place in 1990. The result was unsatisfactory, the color dissolved in many places already after 2 weeks. In the course of the nineties, the problems, cracks and color detachments increased.

In 2001, it was coated with the product ThermoShield Interieur (2x on the Primer FixPlus, after removal of the chalking existing coating). For this purpose, the church council, with permission of the monument authority, commissioned the painting company Bergkamp from Blokzijl.

The result could be seen: until the end of 2003 (the date of the write-up) no new problems had occurred. ThermoShield's interior kept stable on the walls and dehumidified them: measurements showed a decrease within 3 months from 85 to 62 units.

A visit in 2014 revealed that the durability of ThermoShield Interieur is still given. Due to the good experiences, a large-area inner coating of the wall and ceiling surfaces which have been affected after a leakage on the roof took place in 2015.