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Black house in Netherlands

The archetype (2013: 15 years) was soon followed by others.


Years before expert circles spoke about light reference and TSR values, a house was painted black with ThermoShield. "The Black House" in Holland went back to an idea by Jan de Lange. This is, so to speak, the prototype of the Black ThermoShield house. After 15 years in the real practical test of outdoor exposure, Van Leeuwen visualized the current situation in 2013:

Although the color is discolored after 15 years, it is still without cracks and bubbles. A single layer is now sufficient to restore the original image.

1998: This is the first object that has been treated with ThermoShield in the Netherlands. The house and barns were protected by ThermoShield Exterieur. 2013: Today the paint is discolored and needs a refresher. This is done with ThermoShield Nature, which was not available at that time.

This forefather of the Black ThermoShield House was followed over the years by more, not only in Holland and not just wooden. ThermoShield was imported from the USA in 1998; since 2003 production has been carried out at the Berlin location "made in Germany". Through SICC the proven facade coating Nature, the special ThermoShield for components made of wood, has been developed, following years of research and development.