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Black house in Madrid

Light reference value or TSR value: ThermoShield also works in black.


The "black house" in the Netherlands has already been used as a concept: you can paint a house in black - and there are no cracks, bubbles and other damages. And that for years. Since the spring of 2014, the "Black House" of Madrid has been established in Spain's capital. The building is located in Calle de Manual Tovar 42 / corner Calle Salcedo and it houses, among other things, the Urban Lab Madrid. Here approximately 2,000 m² clinker facade were coated with ThermoShield in black - at times, when one still spoke of the light reference value.

But whether it is a light reference value or a TSR value ("Total Solar Reflectance") - ThermoShield breaks through traditional patterns. You can call it "the white black", you can also leave it. Remarkable is that a black facade does not necessarily mean heating up and destruction if you opt for ThermoShield.

Speaking of the TSR value: ThermoShield also reflects the UV part of the solar radiation (SOL = UV + VIS + IR) only to a modest extent to the 10%. Thanks to the ceramic hollow balls, however, this does not have any effect. Thus, one expert can conclude that ThermoShield is more than just color. Speaking of color: the 80 hollow windows with aluminium cladding were painted in 18 different shades with ThermoShield.