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Apartment building in Kapfenberg

10% heating energy saving after the facade renovation carried out in 2011, evaluation by the WEG

The residential block in the Austrian Kapfenberg is a high-rise building (ground floor + 10 floors), built in 1974, with 44 apartments. Heating was district heating (without hot water preparation). The facade area renovated in 2011 with ThermoShield Exterieur is approx. 4100 m². The specialist company was HESCHMALER from 8345 Straden.

An analysis of the change in the heating energy consumption took place in January 2015 by Ing. Franz Windisch and Ing. Herbert Emminger, who belong to the owner community. If heating energy consumption amounted to 394.6 MWh during the billing period 2010/2011, it was only 352.8 and 358.9 MWh respectively in the following two billing periods. This corresponds to a consumption reduction of around 10%.

For economical comparison, only the additional costs are to be compared; when a facade insulation is compared, it is about the material cost difference to the leveling coat of the ETICS. The IWO Austria has 22% of the savings potential, while the IWO in Germany accounts for 19%, the co2online GmbH Berlin is 19% (02.2014) and according to Germany's heating mirror 2014 it is only 12% (10.2014).