PU Safe


Window seal in a new dimension

PU Safe solves the problem exactly at this point!

The sealing coating bridges fine cracks and withstands temperature fluctuations in the masonry. PU Safe forms a flexible membrane. The good thing about it is that the vapour tightness of the membrane-forming sealing coating is variable. It adapts to the ambient conditions in such a way that it closes or lets through in accordance with the vapour pressure gradient. PU Safe adheres well to all conventional materials and is resistant to UV radiation.

PU Safe:
Application saves time and money

  • quick implementation
  • simple application
  • long-term effect

The new method for sealing windows and doors during installation is simpler and more economical than conventional methods with compriband, joint sealing tape or foil. With the new method, the window remains sealed all around, in cold and warm weather, in driving rain or long periods of dryness. PU Safe makes that possible.

PU Safe is a sealant coating for application on polyurethane foam as a protective coating for window and door assembly.

Simply and quickly applied, it forms a waterproof, flexible and protective membrane exactly where different materials meet. Different components and building materials react differently to changes in temperature and humidity. Over time embrittlement and fine cracks appear. The air tightness decreases. Damp driving rain can seep in.

Field of application and processing

PU Safe forms a thin, rainwater-proof and flexible membrane that adheres well to all conventional materials. The variable diffusion openness of PU Safe allows its use both indoors and outdoors. PU Safe is simply applied with a brush, preferably twice, so that the product properties can work optimally. The dispersion should cover both the thermal insulation layer (PU mounting foam) and all joints as well as minimally the touching surfaces around the window or door frame.

PU Safe in combination with the interior and exterior coatings ThermoShield® Interieur and/or Exterieur applied, minimizes or avoids cold bridges!

Packaging-size and range:

2.80 liters in plastic container with carrying handle and resealable lid. 2.80 liters are enough for approx. 5 sqm with 2 applications (for a joint width of 2 cm around windows or doors, this corresponds to a length of 154 m).

environmentally friendly

  • water soluble
  • based on acrylic resin
  • mild smelling
  • very low in VOC
  • free of aromatics
  • without organic solvents


  • elastic
  • rain-tight
  • not embrittling
  • UV stable
  • closing pores
  • bridging fine cracks


  • for outside and inside
  • matt
  • good coverage
  • available in light tints


  • membrane-forming
  • variable diffusion open
  • moisture-regulating
  • good adhesion