The light amplifier for indoor use

Lumen combines highest functionality, innovation and colour variety.

Lumen is a highly effective coating for interior walls and ceilings, which offers a better light yield than conventional paints, and that even with dark colours! Differences in contrast are softened and the balance of light distribution is supported. By significantly increasing the diffuse light reflection, the coating provides a better room illumination.

Lumen provides a better brightness balance and stronger luminous efficacy in rooms, even with dark colours.

Independent studies show that the actual measured diffuse reflection value of Lumen at each colour shade is significantly higher than the default values used in professional lighting calculation programs such as Dialux. Millions of tiny glass ceramic hollow spheres improve the diffuse reflection value of 6% at the colour white and up to 420% at the colour black.

Architects and designers can now use dark colours and nuances more creatively. Lumen literally gives light and colour to contemporary interiors.

  • more well-being
  • greater lighting comfort
  • less energy consumption
  • conservation of resources

Field of application and processing

Lumen is used where particularly good luminous efficacy is required. The durable coating is ideal for offices, schools, studios as well as workshops and museums. Of course, also for the home.

Container sizes, coverage, processing

Ready-to-use dispersion, 5.0 litres and 12.5 litres in oval bucket. Consumption (depending on substrate) approx. 330 ml/sqm with 2 coats of paint. Easy application by brush, roller or spray method. Utilized tools are to be cleaned with water.


  • ultra-high light reflection
  • best light diffusion even with dark colours


  • for indoor
  • matt
  • well covering
  • over 100,000 colour shades
  • very high colour stability

Environmentally friendly

  • water-based
  • odourless
  • very low VOC value
  • free from aromatic compounds
  • without organic solvents


The reflective membrane of Lumen is:

  • variable diffusion open
  • moisture-regulating
  • dirt and nicotine repellent
  • improving indoor climate